Administrative ~ Virtual Admin

Virtual Admin – Meet Virtual Sue! Virtual Sue your personal admin – let me help you manage your business needs such as emails, calendars, excel spreadsheets, data entry, internet research, creating letters and so much more!  Anything administrative we can HELP YOU! List of just some of the Administrative tasks to Outsource to Virtual Sue ..… Continue reading Administrative ~ Virtual Admin

Computer SAVVY!

Big Apple LOVER here!  Been using a mac since 1995.  Need help setting up your new Apple product .. Computer, iPhone, iPad?  Need one-on-one training?  Let me help! We are Windows PC SAVVY too!  With over 30+ years in the industry, you can trust we are capable of helping you complete your products or even… Continue reading Computer SAVVY!

Creative ~ Photography

CREATIVE Photographer or Creative Entrepreneur?  Need creative help?  I can help you with color correcting, retouching, logo placement, file sizing for print & web, culling images, album creation, designing logos and so much more! Adobe Creative Suite SAVVY!  Over 20 years experience using all Adobe products including LightRoom.  My first version of Photoshop was Photoshop 4!  Let… Continue reading Creative ~ Photography

Social Media

Wearing too many hats and not enough time to keep up on your social media management?  Let me HELP YOU!  Facebook posts, Indeed updating, Pinterest Boards, Twitter, Hootsuite, Instagram & Google+ Don’t see the service you are looking for .. email or call us to inquire! Designed by Freepik –

Websites & Blogs

WEBSITES & BLOGS Let me help you create & manage your existing Website or Blog.  I can also create blog posts, manage tags and so much more! I am experienced with some of the top website companies such as, WordPress, GoDaddy, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and many others! Here is just some of the tasks you can… Continue reading Websites & Blogs